Monday, March 05, 2007

The Voice Of Yoof!

I was so struck by the stupidity of the anti free speech activist in the previous post that it occurred to me that there is almost certainly further evidence of his idiocy on the web so I googled the name 'Kieran Hutchinson Dean' to put my theory to the test. Guess what? I was right! The BBC''s Question Time website has a forum for suggesting possible guests for future shows, and Oxford's answer to Kim Jong Il suggests:
More young people! For example members of the youth parliament. How do you expect young people to get interested in politics if they never see their peers on programmes such as Question Time?
Kieran Hutchinson Dean MYP, Leeds
MYP stands for 'Memberof the Youth Parliament'. How deluded and egotistical does a spotty teenager have to be to effectively propose himself as guest on a leading public affairs programme? He views himself as the voice of yoof when if the impression I'm getting is correct his presence on Question Time would repel 99% of 'young people' and 100% of 'all other people'. I'm not sure what he would do on the show anyway, start squealing unless the producers agreed to axe all guests with opposing views perhaps. This is what happens when schools teach kids the importance of self esteem without merit. Anyway if people were interested in a infantile political neophyte whose arrogance goes hand in hand with his ignorance, then Johann Hari's Independent columns would be far more popular than they are.

And yes, I do realise that this may rank as the most trivial post that I shall ever write.

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