Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Few Thoughts About Environmentalism.

I don't like environmentalists. This isn't because I have some desire to despoil the environment, in fact I think many concerns about the environment are valid and worth tackling. However I suspect that much of the environmental movement consists of people whose supposed concern for the environment is a Trojan horse for other causes and those who simply don't want the benighted masses to cramp their style.

The Green Party, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are all examples of organisations who conceal a far left socialist agenda under a fig leaf of concern for the planet. This can easily be seen by the way they react to market based solutions to the problems they themselves highlight. Carbon trading is the most obvious example of this, having such a system would restrict the total amount of CO2 emissions but would allow market forces to determine what was the most cost effective allocation. Most 'green' organisations opposed this energetically for years, although some have reversed gear, for no better reason that it meant that the USA might by credits from the likes of Russia. Almost all environmental groups oppose nuclear energy even though it is quite obviously the most efficient medium term solution to reduce emissions.

The hypocrisy of professional greenies like George Moonbat, Al Gore and every pop star who prattles on about the subject from the privacy of their private jet is infuriating. They don't belive that they personally should have to make any sacrifices because they themselves actually have to make any sacrifices and cut down on their dozens or scores of flights per year, yet they demand that the less enlightened plebians be priced out of their one foreign holiday a year, via the relatively efficient means of flight such as budget airlines. In truth these people are basically moderate versions of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and like most professional environmentalists have come to the conclusion that the world would be much more aesthetically pleasing is it weren't for all those horrible little people cluttering it up.

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