Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Question.

'Let's - for the sake of Warsi's despicable argument - agree that otherwise perfectly peaceful Muslims are being driven to terrorism by the perception of oppression. Given that, wouldn't that mean that Muslims who circulate bogus stories of oppression are knowingly encouraging terrorism?'
Dumbjon, here. Not just muslims who circulate bogus stories of course, Piers Morgan printing phony prisoner abuse pictures in the Daily Mirror is also guilty of this, as is Robert Fisk with his wholly bogus claims of a massacre in Jenin.

Sayeeda Warsi's promotion ( even without her comments about terrorism, how many 34 year olds who have never been elected get promoted straight into the Shadow Cabinet? ) looks very much like an attempt by the Conservative party to engage in ethnically divisive communal politics which has traditionally been the preserve of the Labour party, and after the Iraq war, the Lib Dems. The rapid selection of Tony Lit, a prominent Sikh whose previous association with the party was about extensive as Arthur Scargill's, to fight the Ealing bye election is another example of this.

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