Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Relax, Don't Do It, Mike.

When the posters at 'Comment is Free' are highlighted it is usually because of their deranged antisemitism, which means they descend en masse to abuse anyone with a slightly Jewish name. Happily today I feel they deserve congratulating for their response to the ludicrous Mike Read announcement that he is quitting the contest for the Tory candidate for mayor of London, which let's face it is like John Prescott announcing that he won't be entering the 'Brain of Britain' contest.

Boris Johnson's candidacy has inspired many rants at the Guardian today and no one does it better than Polly Toynbee whose prose is so gloriously deranged that it can't help but convert all of us Boris Sceptics to the cause. I could quote most of the article and amuse myself for hours, essentially she claims that she doesn't like him because he's posh ( so is Polly) and he's funny ( So is Polly, albeit unintentionally). If this article was circulated to every household in Britain Boris Johnson could be voted mayor of Liverpool let alone London.

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