Thursday, June 26, 2008

Labour To White Male Voters- You're Scum.

You have to hand it to Harriet Harperson, with a government that is deeply unpopular and struggling to maintain it's traditional bedrock support of white working class men most ministers would go out of their way to avoid antagonising them further. Not Harriet though:

Equality Minister Harriet Harman has defended controversial plans to encourage firms to discriminate in favour of female and ethnic minorities job candidates.

The new Equalities Bill is also expected to force employers to disclose salary structures in a bid to make the pay gap between men and women more transparent.

Responding to criticism that the plans could discriminate against white men, Ms Harman said "you don't get progress if there isn't a bit of a push forward".

And sure enough the voters will give Labour a bit of a push forwards, over the cliff of electoral oblivion, in 2010. It goes without saying that no serious study of the 'gender pay gap' has concluded that it is caused by evil sexist employers, but facts don't actually matter.

Update: Anonymous in the comments raises the question, is Harperson a BNP mole?

Update: I've just watched the BBC news coverage of the story, basically they declared with zero evidence that ethnic minorities and women need help in the workplace and are being discriminated against. For balance they said that critics of the law had accused the government of 'political correctness', which is no doubt true but is hardly the central criticism is it? It's an old BBC trick to present the left's case as being factual and evidence based but to present the right as basing their positions on emotive gut reactions.


Anonymous said...

She must really hate the Labour Party.

A BNP insider perhaps?

Ross said...

It's as good an explanation as any, because they are the only obvious beneficiaries of this.

JuliaM said...

"..It's an old BBC trick to present the left's case as being factual and evidence based..."

They pulled the same trick over the McGrath comments. It's getting easier and easier to spot.

Wilberforce was no tory said...

Mr Griffin denied the ho,locaust what sort of scum vote for the evil paedoes in the BNP By the way only padoes insult I.

Ross said...

Yes I'm aware of Nick Griffin's thoughts on the holocaust, I'm not quite sure what the relevance is though.

The fact that Labour were beaten by a party whose leader is a complete fruitcake only makes it even funnier. said...

Hitler must have exterminated the Jews. There are so few of them, and so uninfluential.