Saturday, June 07, 2008

10 Reasons To Support McCain Over Obama

  • Iraq- McCain advocated the Surge years before it was implemented and supported it even when it was extremely unpopular.
  • Economy- Obama is a demagogue who offers up xenophobic protectionism as a panacea to the financial difficulties some people are facing, even though he doesn't believe it himself. McCain has the courage to tell the truth even when it is unpopular.
  • Ethics- The near trebling of Michelle Obama's salary shortly after Barack directed federal money to her employers reeks of corruption.
  • Associates- With deep personal associations to racist cranks like Jeremiah Wright and long term political alliances with a terrorist, William Ayers, Obama has almost no moral qualms about who he mixes with. Whenever McCain's allies have had something unsavoury exposed he has swiftly renounced their support.
  • Courage- John McCain was a POW for almost six years at the hands of notoriously brutal captors but refused to yield to them and refused to accept early release ahead of his fellow POWs. Obama can't even stand up to Jeremiah Wright.
  • Integrity- McCain is a long term proponent of solutions to the problem of pork barrel politics.
  • Independence- Whereas Obama is a quintessential machine politician who has risen by making alliances with the power brokers of Chicago politics, John McCain has always been perfectly willing to buck the party line when he thinks that his side are in the wrong.
  • Veep- Well we can at least be sure that McCain's Vice President won't be Hillary.
  • Inclusive- You couldn't imagine John McCain chuckling away to a San Francisco audience about the bitter rubes in the Midwest.
  • Life Experience- McCain's career has been extraordinary, he was a pilot, POW and businessman before he entered the Senate, whereas Obama's only job before politics was as a 'community organiser'.


JuliaM said...

"Obama can't even stand up to Jeremiah Wright."

Nor to Michelle, I suspect...

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

None of the above.