Sunday, June 29, 2008

Caledonian Retreats

I won't be posting until next Sunday, because I am going away for a week, up to Scotland.

On the subject of Scotland, Wendy Alexander's resignation marks the end of a career that could easily have been saved if she hadn't done Gordon Brown's bidding. The rumour was that when the giant gobbed Scottish Labour leader's funding irregularities emerged she wanted to resign but was persuaded not to by the prime minister and her brother Douglas Alexander. If she had gone then the reaction would have been she made a mistake and paid the price, her honour would have been in tact and in a few years she would have returned to top level politics. Instead she has been seen to cling on to office for months as though the rules don't apply to her, so there won't be any comebacks, she is finished for good. Good work Gordon.

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Umbongo said...

"so there won't be any comebacks, she is finished for good"

Not necessarily: this piece of excreta resigned twice in apparent ignominy and came up smelling, if not of roses, then at least of Reinaldo Avila da Silva's aftershave