Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm Baaaack

I'm back and after a week without internet access I am looking forward to discovering the answer to these questions:
  • Is there a helpful list of which MPs voted to block the most basic checks on their burgeoning expense accounts?
  • Was Richard Gott's reaction to the Colombian hostage rescue as hilarious and graceless as I imagined it?
  • Should we support Labour getting a kicking at the Glasgow East bye-election even if it is at the hands of a rabid Anglophobe?
  • Are puppies really too offensive to appear on police posters?


David Vance said...

Puppies are allowed but only if they wear bootees. Check out ATW.

Welcome back!

Mark Wadsworth said...

1) Yes
2) Dunno
3) Yes of course. Labour = enemy. Scotland = not enemy.
4) No.

JuliaM said...

1) Read it and weep
2) Almost certainly!
3) I'd support Labour getting a kicking no matter who was wielding the boot
4) Not sure about puppies, but I think meddling 'diversity officers' must be...