Saturday, July 26, 2008

Labour Sabateurs Keep Up Good Work

After Labour's last bye-election disaster, by which I mean their most recent not their final one, in Henley I only half jokingly speculated that Harriet Harman might have been secretly trying to undermine the Labour Party in the build up to the election by pushing wildly unpopular policies right before the election. I don't think Harperson is acting alone, in the run up to the bye election in the heavily Roman Catholic constituency Glasgow East, several Labour MPs led by Diane Abbott decided it would be a brilliant time to put forwards a bill to make abortion legal in Northern Ireland, against the wishes of all the local parties in the province (although Sinn Fein are happy to practice post-natal abortion). Naturally they couldn't have waited until after the votes had been cast. Another brilliant move by the Labour sisterhood to sabotage the party from within.

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