Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Accurate But Fake

John Bercow, a man so stupid that he hasn't realised that he is in the wrong party, has come up with a proposal, described here by Simon Chapman at Centre Right:
But his proposed amendment to the HFE Bill is even worse than it was described. It proposes to make it an offence to advertise information about alternatives to abortion (as well as abortion) if the presentation of that information is "likely to deceive the average person...even if the information is factually correct."
Under Bercow's proposal people could be imprisoned for telling the truth. John Bercow used to be on the very right wing of the Conservative Party and was a secretary of the Monday Club, now he is the living embodiment of the idea that when fanatics change tack they don't become reasonable moderate individuals, but instead simply becom fanatics for another cause.

I don't have strong views on abortion and am generally accepting of the description of the two sides of the dispute as pro-life and pro-choice rather than pro and anti abortion, but shouldn't members of the pro choice lobby be condemning Bercow for advocating a position that is designed to restrict pregnant women's ability to make an informed choice? He isn't pro choice he is simply an evangelist for abortion.


Umbongo said...

Bercow is, to all intents and purposes, a Labour MP who chooses to sit with the opposition. His effective change of party is (not coincidentally I would guess) connected with "his marriage to Sally Illman - a Labour sympathiser [activist in reality] to whom he became engaged . . . . two months before his 40th birthday." as reported here. Again - not coincidentally I guess - his marriage is not mentioned in his biographies on the Conservative Party or Buckingham constituency websites.

JuliaM said...

Why oh why does Cameron do nothing about these MPs with barely concealed left-wing tendencies?

Oh. Right...