Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fact Of The Day

Fraser Nelson writing at the Spectator's blog reveals this shocking fact:
Male life expectancy for the whole of Glasgow, including its lush suburbs, averages 70.7 years - worse than Gaza’s 71.01 years. In East Glasgow, it goes right down to 53.9 years in the Calton ward
That is genuinely astounding, 53.9 it is the kind of figure you would expect from some impoverished banana republic.


Anonymous said...

Calton is a very small area, pop approx 20,000, a lot of people have left and of those that remain a proportion, perhaps 15%, are drug addicts.

Glasgow's life expectancy is pretty high considering the problems that city has had over the last thirty odd years.


Ross said...

Thanks for the context about Calton.