Thursday, June 05, 2008


Bit busy for the last couple of days, so here are a few things worth reading:
  • The Mark Steyn show trial has begun.
  • If you include the words 'Cornish' and 'inbreds' you can drive up your readership, although mostly by Cornish inbreds {via Julia}
  • Is the reason that Hillary Clinton lost because she was so arrogant as to hire a straegist who couldn't be arsed to learn the rules of the contest, this post at Political Betting would suggest so.
  • Speaking of the US presidential race this article features a state by state prediction of the result, currently they are predicting a to electoral college votes victory to McCain over Obama.
  • According to Janet Daley the BBC now want to extract a license fee from anyone who owns equipment capable of receiving a BBC broadcast, including mobile phones. Fuck that, I guess that 'll have to dodge that fee as I do with the rxisting one. {via Harry Haddock}
  • John East at Choice Cuts has found the perfect politician for the modern age. Unfortunately he has been dead for over 2000 years.
  • Even the NUT would balk at supporting this bloke.
  • Gun + Beer + Back Itch = Pain.

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