Sunday, July 11, 2010

Failing Upwards

The foster carer who was struck off for "allowing" the 16 year old girl in her care to convert from Islam to Christianity has won her appeal against the decision. This is of course good news as it was a disgraceful decision by Gateshead Council in the first place- the idea that state bodies should consider it their duty to uphold religious strictures against apostasy is extraordinary- but this is one of the most depressing sentences you will see:

Gateshead’s decision was quashed by a court in Leeds last week, prompting criticism of the former head of its children’s services, Maggie Atkinson, who is now Children’s Commissioner for England.

The sort of people responsible for this kind of thing aren't simply a few bad apples, they are the people who are so respected in their field that they get promoted to national roles where they can influence policy.

The carer isn't the only victim in all this, they actually took another child whom she was caring for back into care, which given the outcomes for children in care is tantamount to child abuse, yet the person responsible for this is now the "Children's Commissioner" supposedly upholding the interests of children.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hurray, well done that carer!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance that her boss can now be sacked from her new job?

Ross said...

You'd hope so wouldn't you? But I expect the answer is no.

Mr Grumpy said...

I'd really love to know what methods Gateshead SS prescribe for preventing a 16 year old from choosing her religion. Perhaps the girl's family had some useful tips for them.