Sunday, July 04, 2010

Unfortunately Shooting Tony Blair Is Wrong

Much as I dislike Tony Blair this seems unwise:

The Foreign Secretary said the public must not be forced to pay more than is "absolutely necessary" for police protection, which Mr Blair is given during private holidays and international business trips.

His comments came after it was disclosed that Mr Blair’s Metropolitan Police protection squad ran up a £5,000-a-week expenses bill over the past year.

Making political capital out of the cost of protecting political rivals is incredibly stupid. there are undoubtedly people who would like to murder Tony Blair- Islamic radicals, Serbian nationalists, me- and if politicians don't get protection from potential assailants then in future our politicians will have to think of their personal safety when making decisions then they will inevitably have to pander to violent groups in order to ensure their own safety.


Anonymous said...

vox populi vox dei

JuliaM said...

"...then in future our politicians will have to think of their personal safety when making decisions..."

Pretty sure they already so!

Mark @ Israel said...

Those are critical and political decisions which are essential in the implementation of certain laws for the welfare of the country, Julia M. Basically, safety of our leaders must be taken so importantly. The citizenry has to understand that the safety of their leaders are also part of their concern in as much as their leaders are doing right for the welfare of the country.

Anonymous said...

Err, Tony isn't a politician as such, but an ex-politician. Right at the moment he's simultaneously researching new and more effective ways to dodge UK taxes, how to accumulate money from idiot Americans who want to listen to a failure gabble, and in between times he's bothering assorted Arabs.

What he isn't doing is anything particularly useful; his administration was never much more than a slow-motion collapse into the gutter, punctuated by much spending and legalistic gibbering. As things stand now he's very definitely an ex-PM and does not have the ear of the current Government to any significant degree (and don't think that the various groups he's haranguing don't know that).

So, he's not doing much useful and he's extremely rich, and the country (thanks in no small part to his incompetence) isn't rich now. Let the stupid bugger pay for his own safety.