Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worst Answer Ever?

Student politicians aren't easy to like and this one certainly isn't doing himself any favours:
It wasn't until a cheeky grenade was lobbed in that there was the night's only shocking incident. Candidates were asked "Which politician do you most relate to and respect... in Northern Ireland?"

Given that he was speaking in a room of Thatcherite right-wingers, Ben Howlett's attempt at getting the Fenian vote look spectacularly inappropriate. He cited Gerry Adams as "a conviction politician". Some were left speechless that Howlett, who had used a photo opportunity just 48 hours previously with Lady Thatcher to promote his campaign, endorsed the man who chaired the IRA Army Council that sanctioned the assassination attempt on her at the 1984 Conservative Party Conference in Brighton that left senior Tories dead and disabled for life.
Oh well there's a future political career down the drain.


James Higham said...

Au contraire - he'll pop up somewhere else later - self-serving is always rewarded in political circles.

Yaffle said...


One for the Putin-a-bit-gay file - he shows up to a biker rally on a pimped-up trike worthy of Dame Elton.


Anonymous said...

"dead and disabled for life"


Perhaps: some dead, others disabled for life.