Monday, September 06, 2010

Ludicrous Spinning Of The Day

Guido Fawkes tries to play up the effect of his non story about William Hague and his former SPAD:
Well Over Half Query Hague
Well the poll in question actually shows that 46% believe Hague's denial of any impropriety, 12% disbelieve and 42% couldn't give a shit. For a politician to be only disbelieved by 12% of the population is extraordinary and shows that even partisan anti-Tory voters aren't buying the story.

Guido also reports that "Even the loyalists at ConservativeHome have registered a drop in approval. ". Which is true, his approval there has plummeted all the way from 92% to er 91% (which could mean support has fallen from 91.5% to 91.4%).

This absurd misrepresenation makes Staines look as though he is floundering, not Hague.


The Filthy Engineer said...

I dropped him from my reading list a while ago. To me this was a non story from the start with no evidence of improprietary. Why publish it except to bolster his blog rating?

Ross said...

I have only ever been an occasional reader, when he hits the mark he is good though.

As you say blog traffic seems more important than accuracy.

Matthew said...

You're spinning a bit, though. The other answer was 'don't know', not 'couldn't give a shit'.

I think there was a bit of a story there - why Hague appointed him and the use of public money from hard-working families.

Ross said...

Matthew- I do think it is an interesting question as to why Hague appointed a special advisor with little relevent experience in foreign policy, but that is more a question about why ministers are allowed to appoint anyone they like as SPADs more generally rather than about Hague in particular.

Matthew said...

No, surely not. That seems to run against everything you believe in - replacing individual choice with rules and regulations. But if we do accept a greater deal of relying on individuals to make the correct decisions we need also to criticise them when they make bad ones