Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weiner By Name.....

The lowlife who framed a colleague for possessing child pornography in order to try to take his job deserves every minute of his 12 year sentence for his crime. The fact that the crime was so heinous and the reward so petty makes it all the more extraordinary.
A handyman who planted child pornography on his boss's computer in a bid to get promoted has been jailed.
Neil Weiner, 40, hatched the "wickedly evil and vile plot" to get caretaker Eddie Thompson sacked from Swanlea Secondary School in east London.
However I do think one aspect of the judge's summing up is a little disturbing:
"You will go to prison for a long time. The prison population is not renowned for being particularly fair or reasonable," he said.
"You will be suspected by many of being a paedophile and, like Mr Thompson, you may find that you suffer, both in prison and on release, for the rest of your life."
If the judge is merely stating that as a fact of life then fair enough, but it almost sounds as if he is relishing the prospect of extrajudicial punishment for Mr Weiner with an implied threat about what prisoners do to nonces. I am not averse to such thinking myself but I really don't think that judges should be doing it.


James Higham said...

There's something a bit strange about judges these days.

Anonymous said...

I agree judges should always remain impartial regardless. Hence the name 'judge.'

However, it is a truly insidious and malicious crime that this man did, there's no doubting that. He isn't a nonce, for doing what he did, but he should get the shite beaten out him anyway, for such a wicked act.

Furor Teutonicus said...

"Judges opinion". There have been cases reported where a Judge has pointed out, and regretted, "in this instance" that the death penalty no longer exists.

I have often heard myself, where the judge has verbally wiped the guilty bastard into the dirt, after sentencing.

The longer back you go, the more they did it. t is in no way unusual, Just unusual TODAY, to have a Judge as Judges SHOULD be.

Julius Whacket said...

I have exactly the same reaction. I had the same sort of thought watching BBC Watchdog chuckling over film footage from a police raid on one of their rogue traders; the man concerned was a complete bastard, but using police film to ridicule him was, as they say, inappropriate.

Ross said...

Harbinger- Yeah I think he deserves what's coming, but I don't think judges should relish extra judicial punishments.

FT- I think wishing that there were harsher sentences available is different to what I think this judge may have done.

JW- I hate all those police fly on the wall programmes, they are just propaganda.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Ross said...
JW- I hate all those police fly on the wall programmes, they are just propaganda.

ALL of them, from 2Police camaera action (Or whatever it is called in U.K), to CSI, and Criminal intent are merely there to keep beating it into the public that "We are so clever, we WILL catch you and NO one gets away with it!"

Whether that is true or not, people obviously DO "get away with it", the propoganda "water drip" effect is obvious.

It used to be "Beware of pickpockets" 30 second slots between the adverts. NOW it is CSI, & Co.

Ross said...

FT- On "Police, Camera, Action!", the presenter's favourite word when a suspect is nabbed is "inevitable", for the reasons you give.