Thursday, September 30, 2010

Told You So

My most viewed post of the last few days has been this one I wrote in May- Ed Miliband's Marriage Problem- in which I predicted that his unmarried status would be a problem, fairly or not, simply because it could make him appear anti-marriage. Sure enough, to much tut tutting, the Daily Mail did run an article highlighting it.

I think a direct attack like the Daily Mail's will make people sympathetic to Miliband and will piss of people in a similar position to him. The greater danger is that every time the government launches an initiative to do with the family or marriage  any criticism by the new Leader of the Opposition will be taken as expressing hostility to the traditional family.


Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

Since you posted (and I commented) last time around, a rather odd supplementary fact has emerged about Ed's domestic life- namely the fact that he isn't named on sprog no 1's birth cert. Now that IS something likely to elicit a bit more than a shrug of the shoulders from the general public, as that isn't usually the case with men in LTRs with the baby's mother.

Ross said...

That is a bit weird.

James Higham said...

Red Ed is a strange person.