Friday, October 15, 2010

Mine Shaft

Here is a game for evertyone to play- which well known people would you least like to be stuck down a Chilean mine with for 66 days. I think my list would be:
  1. Piers Morgan
  2. Jeremy Kyle
  3. Esther Rantzen
  4. Wayne Rooney
  5. Jo Brand
  6. Jodie Marsh
  7. Susan Boyle
  8. Danny Dyer
  9. Gore Vidal
  10. Peaches Geldof


Anonymous said...

Not Susan Boyle, sod the rest of them though.

Ross said...

In fairness I don't hate her, it's just that I wouldn't won't to be trapped with someone who alternately sings and cries for two months.

Matthew said...

No Denis Macshane?

Macheath said...

I'm not going to play - I'd never be able to whittle the list down to 33, let alone 10.

I'd patent the idea if I were you - I bet Endemol are sniffing around already.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I don't know what you've got against most of them, so perusing that list, I'd suggest putting Piers Morgan down for 2,178 days.

James Higham said...

Paris "the nottie" Hilton

Umbongo said...

Did you mean Al Gore rather than Gore Vidal? Although they are both pretty unbearable, at least Vidal has provided a few readable books in his time: Al has been a parasite from the year dot.

Richard said...

Gordon Brown. You and him, confined space, potentially for ever. Nightmare.

Ross said...

Umbongo- I find Gore Vidal far more annoying than Al Gore.

Matthew- Yeah why not.

Richard- wasn;t that a them from Star Trek?

Richard said...

"In a mine with Gordon Brown, no-one can hear you scream."

Jeez, I need to go and have a lie-down.

mark said...

If I was down mine i'd gladly have all 10 of yours in a trade for Adrian Chiles.

North Northwester said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
North Northwester said...

Try again, NNW.

Unfortunately, I can't find time to join your guests down a mineshaft - I'm having difficulty trying to find a place to dump all these barrels full of chemical, nuclear and bio-hazard waste products.

Say, you don't think...?