Sunday, October 24, 2010

Britain's Worst MP

Whilst Denis Macshane hangs around for now like a recalcitrant floater it seems that even if he does avoid spending the next few years being bummed by a cellmate in Wormwood Scrubs he isn't going to be as high profile in future as he is now.

So clearly someone else has to step into his shoes as the most obnoxious MP in Britain. For me there can only be one possible successor- Nadine Dorries. It is in some ways tempting to defend her on the grounds that some of her fiercest critics are complete and utter nutjobs. I'm sure some liberals and socialists were probably willing to give Macshane a pass on account of the loathing he inspired in hardline Eurosceptics- but a good choice of enemies does not a hero make. Whilst I am late to the anti-Dorries bandwagon that's no reason to jump on board with enthusiasm.

There are three main problems with Nadine- she is as dumb as a rock, she is a shameless hypocrite and a relentless self promoter.

Dorries is by her own account a liar- admitting that her blog is mostly fictional. This is a woman who is so devoid of shame or self reflection that she described the revelations about MPs' expenses as a form of torture- putting people who have fleeced the public purse of hundreds of thousands of pounds as latter day Solzhenitsyns. This is a woman who at the height of the outcry into MPs' expenses saw no problem with giving her newly graduated from Bournemouth University daughter, with no experience, a £28000 year job as a PA- even after bleating that she was finding the job market tough (if you are looking for £28000 as an entry level job for an arts graduate, I assume she's an arts graduate,  then maybe that's why you aren't finding work).

This is someone whose lust for self promotion and lack of self awareness is so monumental that after denouncing benefits cheats she goes on a Channel 4 documentary about living on benefits for a week and cheats. This is a woman who believes that anyone who tweets cannot be disabled despite proving that you can be a borderline retard and still blog regularly.

I don't doubt that there have been MPs more stupid than Nadine or more shameless or even more self promoting but no one beats her in two out of three categories.

Except Diane Abbot of course.

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Julius Whacket said...

I heard she is as unpopular within the Tories as the turd Phil Woolas is within Labour.