Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Guardian Does Music- Finds Racism

Does anyone at Guardian jTowers ust listen to music because they like the tunes, and not in order to discover vast racist conspiracies?

First up athe weekend is Barbara Ellen in which the Glastonbury croud are compared to a Klan rally for being unenthusiastic about a particular performer:
Even now, the "No to Jay-Z at Glastonbury" thing feels acutely embarrassing. Was this the Noughties' "Queen play Sun City"? Was popular culture turning bizarrely racist, the Glastonbury crowds transformed into supremacist loons, teaming white hoods with Hunter wellies? Of course not, but it was bad.
 Because anyone who doesn't like a particular genre of music is against "black music". The Grammies were also on this week and whilst they are probably the biggest joke out of all the award ceremonies out there a Guardian race nut is upset:
Once again, Eminem's raw emotional power has been rewarded at the Grammys – but perhaps at the expense of black artists
Aside from the fact that paired with the other article it seems like white music afficinados can't win- dislike hip hop and you're against black music but if a white person does hip hop it is "at the expense of black artists"- you can tell it's going to be victimhood poker.
no black artist who is as publicly and consistently angry as Eminem has ever reaped similar rewards, either from the academy itself, or from the music industry more broadly. Third, this peculiar truth has come to pass not simply because Mathers is white, but because his anger has historically been directed towards women, queer people and himself – that is, marginal subjects – rather than white supremacy and/or patriarchy.
Yeah like fight the power maaaan!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Let's be honest about this though, Jay-Z music is a load of shit. And he's fat and stupid looking.

Ross said...


JuliaM said...

"Does anyone at Guardian jTowers ust listen to music because they like the tunes, and not in order to discover vast racist conspiracies?"

How could they not discover them!? They are everywhere! CAN'T YOU PEOPLE SEE THAT!!!

banned said...

Well obviously the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences must be institutionally racist, bet they are quaking in their boots.
Nice to see the Grauniad supporting promoters of queer bashing and wife beating.

Dunno whether music outs me as racist though. I can't stand Gangsta Rap or hip-hop but always loved Reggae and still do (except for Bob Marley).

TDK said...


I posted a comment containing a link to a Facebook Page that claims Jay-Z was member of the illuminati. It appeared briefly and then vanished


All I said was "anti-lizard perhaps"

Edwin Greenwood said...

I think what particularly upsets them is when White people perform "Black" music as well as, and sometimes better than, they do.

And what is this apprentice Gary Younge doing using words like "patriarchy"? Only feminists are licensed to use that word in anger, and I mean pukka misandrist Daughters of Sappho not this whining incompetent who can't even do identity politics convincingly.

Foxy Brown said...
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James Higham said...

Isn't there anything important to get angry about, one must ask.