Sunday, February 06, 2011


Obnoxio hits the nail on the head here:
personally, I don't have a problem with people retaining their culture here, all that irks is when minorities get preferential treatment just because they're minorities
It isn't necessarily problematic when people maintain a cultural distinctiveness* from mainstream society, however all too often the people who are most enthusiastic about supporting the keeping of cultural customs are the same people who view the resulting disparities in outcomes as problems to be tackled- often by imposing costs on the rest of society.

* Obviously there are some customs that I do inherently object to that we should stamp out, but these are things that are already illegal (forced marriages, genital mutilation etc). Also we shouldn't prevent people from abandoning cultural baggage by anointing community leaders with a vested interest in discouraging integration.


Anonymous said...

how do you feel about 'birds of a feather wanting to flock together'
And saying it out loud without the police coming.

Anonymous said...

If alien groups are going to come here and then remain almost entirely separate (eg orthodox jews)- what is the point of them being here at all. We could have acheived the same effect if they had stayed at home.

banned said...

As JohnM comments on Obos piece, it's not about them wanting to maintain their own traditions it's about them (or their guilt-mongering white apologists) demanding that we change our ways to accomodate them.

Oh, Mr Cameron, who gave you the right to define Britishness? You cite a belief in "equality for all" as a foundation of it, I disagree, not everyone is equal.

Ross said...

Banned- I would agree with that, imposing costs on others makes immigration less desirable.

Anon 12:32- I approve of saying anything without the intervention of the thought police.

Anon 8:44- Separate groups can often fill valuable niches in society especially if they are skilled. The UKs economic development was helped to some degree by the influx of Hugunauts & Jews for example.