Thursday, February 10, 2011


People who make me want to become a Bolshevik:
Lord Lang, the Conservative peer, said people in ordinary jobs were not sufficiently qualified to pass judgement on the employment of former ministers in the private sector.
Lord Lang told MPs he would be prepared to accept a "lay member", but added that is should be someone "who had experience and proven success in a relatively important profession or trade – somebody who had achieved distinction – rather than a waitress or bus driver." 


James Higham said...

Prat that he is.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Twat indeed.

But it is bloggers' etiquette to include a link to an official report of him actually saying it so that we can check for ourselves that he is indeed the sort of twat who makes you want to become a Bolshevik.

And giving the post a title is also traditional. Unless you are Knirrir, who to my knowledge has never bothered.

banned said...

Quite right too, waitresses and bus drivers are not important enough to validate your application for a Passport so why should they be deemed fit to pass judgement upon the activities of important people like m'lord Lang?

Anonymous said...

claiming that the waitress has the skill and intellect etc of a top business man is being bolshevik innit?

Ross said...

James- Yep

Mark- Bolsheviks don't believe in titles.

Banned- Personally I think they should be made to act like untouchables in the great Lord Lang's presence.

Anon- I don't think sitting on a committee of that nature is terribly demanding. Even if I did I wouldn't simply dismiss those people's jobs as "unimportant".