Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Great Moments In Sportsmanship

After Pakistan’s defeat at the hands of India on Wednesday, Pakistan’s captain, Shahid Afridi, garnered praise from the Indian media for his graciousness in defeat.
That bolstered an aura of camaraderie created by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to invite his Pakistani counterpart, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, to watch the game.
By Monday, that atmosphere had evaporated after Mr. Afridi returned home and made comments of a much different tenor.
Asked by a chat show host on Pakistan’s Samaa TV station about what it was like playing in India and the feeling he got from the Indian public, Mr. Afridi had this to say:
“If I speak truthfully, they just can’t have the kind of heart a Muslim has or a Pakistani has. I think they don’t have the sort of big hearts, pure hearts, Allah has given us.”
The comments elicited applause from a studio audience.
Makes our athletes look like Socrates in comparison.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Are you being sarcastic? Are you making fun of 'our sportsmen' or of the Paki's?

Ross said...

Of course I am being sarcastic, and I am mocking Pakistan in general and Afridi in particular.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah, so you're not being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

If I was a Muslim I would want to keep very quiet that the spot fixing Pakistani team are Muslims.

James Higham said...

If Allah gave the Pakistanis big hearts, didn't He give big hearts to all humankind? Are Muslims human then?

Paddy said...

Seems like Afridi is taking tips from David Cameron. Say one thing for the Indian audience and another in Pakistan

Ross said...

Anon- They prefer to see themselves as victims.

JH- Hmmm, that is one logical conclusion of taking Afridi at his word.

Paddy- That's a good point.