Monday, April 18, 2011

Yes To AV.

I'm going to be voting yes to the referendum on AV not just because all the kool kidz are doing it for the simple reason that a system where the only party on the right that can plausibly win seats- The Conservative Party- is a highly centralised institution that can easily marginalise any views unpopular with the ruling clique is not a desirable situation.

As it is, my only plausible option in a competitive election is to vote Conservative because- despite all their flaws- I find them far preferable to Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Consequently they have zero incentive to care about my opinions.

There is a bit more of an option at the voting booth for those on the left where there are a grand total of two parties- one of which is in coalition with the Conservatives. The general principle is the same though- more options will prevent the Labour party taking left wing voters for granted.

I've also been rather appalled at the tactics of the NO2AV camp which has scaremongered shamelessly (the infamous baby ad springs to mind) and punishing them would be satisfying.


sike said...

I will be changing my ballot paper into a referendum on staying in the EU.I wont be voting yes to that either.
AV is a figleaf to hide the fact that democracy in the uk is virtually non existant.

Yaffle said...

I'm tempted to vote No simply because I thnks a failure to get AV through, combined with a bad showing in local elections, will be the death-knell for the LibDems.

(Whether those of us on the Right will be any better off as a result is open to question. It will be fun to watch though.)

Mark Wadsworth said...


Senior said...

Yes to Fairer Votes have also been scaremongering. Their message in Dewsbury on Saturday was "say no to the BNP, vote yes to AV". The BNP hasn't won a seat in the House of Commons under first past the post.

Under AV, the second preferences of some voters will be counted, but the second preferences of most voters will be ignored. Under FPTP, every preference is counted. On May 5th, vote no to AV.

Peter Risdon said...

Did you see the kitten parody of the Yes posters?

Ross said...

Sike- AV gives those who want to leave the EU marginally more leverage.

Yaffle- I understand that temptation.

Senior- No one's vote is counted more than others, it's just that some people's votes are for the same candidate in each round of vote counting.

Peter- I hadn't, but I like it.

James Higham said...

I'm writing proportional representation on my paper.

James Higham said...

Ross, could you drop me a line [email]? We've been trying to contact you.