Monday, April 25, 2011

Orphans of Liberty

A new blog has been launched- Orphans Of Liberty- and they've very kindly asked me to be one of their contributors. So I will be using that site for my extensive collection of free form poetry- in Klingon posts relating to liberty.

"So what is Orphans of Liberty like then?"- I hear you ask. How the hell would I know, it's new. However there are some top drawer contributors so it has potential.

This site, as it approaches it's half decade- will remain as it was and will still be updated regularly.


Senior said...

Before you announced that you would be contributing to Orphans of Liberty, I expected the blog to be full of long essays and big words by people who make the same points over and over again.

At least they've got somebody who can write posts that make sense to me, and who isn't repetitive.

Is there anybody (other than me) they haven't asked to contribute?

banned said...

Perhaps you can help me out.
I tried posting there just now, clicked "reply"
Filled out the form for name, e-mail and website then nothing. I can't locate the field in which to do the typing stuff ? ?

The page looks like this.

"Leave a Reply Cancel reply
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Name *

Email *



This visual editor brought to you by fckeditor for wordpress plugin

I would expect to type in the araea I maked XXX above

Ross said...

Senior- thanks.

Banned- The same is happening to me at the moment but I'm sure it will be sorted out soon.

James Higham said...

That's rather good - doing your first in Klingon. Dare you.

banned said...

Thanks Ross, always good to know that it isn't just me.
I just tried to reply to James Highams excellent post on the UN world curriculum and all went well except that the reply did not post. Is the site moderated?