Saturday, April 09, 2011

Crossing The Parody Horizon*

January 2011- Dim posh former intern illegally advertises for a (below minumum wage) intern.

April 2011- Dim posh former intern denounces system of internships.

Dim posh former intern is of course a beneficiary of internships.

* The parody horizon is when a piece is impossible to parody because the parody would be indistinguishable from the original.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I'd assume that once you cross the parody horizon, you reach actual parody singularity, a place devoid of logic from which no fact can escape.

Sarah AB said...

There are many things LP could be criticised for - but why resort to sexist sneers?

Ross said...

Sarah- I take your point.

The explanation is that I used the the sexist phrase- "posh bird"- because:

- I felt that it made my post sound more dismissive of her, which is what I wanted.

- I've been watching too much "Ashes to Ashes"

But you are quite right to pick me up on it. I'll edit the post accordingly.

Sarah AB said...

Thanks Ross. I don't think she's dim either - though that's obviously just a matter of opinion, and she's certainly sometimes very annoying.

JuliaM said...

Not dim, in that she's getting exactly what she wants out of life, as a far more perceptive woman has noted.

Ross said...

Well she pontificates confidently on subjects where she has little or no understanding of the issues involved so the way I see it she is either:

- Dim
- Playing a role for attention.
- So narcissistic that she doesn't feel she needs to understand something to feel very strongly about it.

Of these assuming she's dim is the kindest interpretation.