Friday, February 23, 2007

Community Leaders To The Rescue.

As you may see from my profile on the right I am now a designated Community Leader. Who voted for me you ask? No one, I'm a community leader whether the community likes it or not. My decision has been inspired by the government's reaction to the shootings in south east London:
Police chiefs, community leaders and politicians have been meeting in London to discuss ways of combating gun crime in the UK
Gosh I wonder what the community leaders will recommend.
"Specific measures" were needed for a "specific number of families who are just outside the mainstream", he said.

Tony Blair was speaking after a No 10 gun crime summit at which plans were outlined for tougher punishments and more funding for community groups.
Who saw that coming? These same community leaders, in reality race baiting parasites like Lee Jaspar, have been forcing the police to withdraw from policing ethnic minorities for quarter of a century and now throw up their hands in mock horror when a spate of murders breaks out between black gangs. Steve at Pub Philosopher has a post which is well worth reading on this subject.

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