Monday, February 19, 2007

God Almighty.

Above is an image of Vanuatu natives worshipping the great god Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The Telegraph reports that:
the villagers — all of whom are illiterate — only learnt recently that his birthday falls on June 10.

Ambitious plans are now underway to celebrate the occasion this year. There will be dancing and a feast. Chief Jack Naiva has acquired an immaculate Union flag, which will be run up a flagpole and saluted.

But the celebrations will only really be complete if Prince Philip himself turns up, say the tribes people.

"You must tell King Philip that I'm getting old and I want him to come and visit me before I die," said the white-haired chief, who thinks he is about 80. "If he can't come perhaps he could send us something: a Land Rover, bags of rice or a little money."
For illiterate tribespeople they seem rather canny, trying to persuade their god to give them a Land Rover. Mind you Vanuatu is the home of rather mercenary cargo cults so I suppose this isn't a surprise although if it does work then I shall give thanks to my lord and saviour Bill Gates.

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