Monday, February 12, 2007

Nutters & Liars Part Two.

This post is a continuation of the previous post.

Lie #2
There was no massacre of Bosniak Men & Boys at Srebronica.

This is one of the most preposterous claims made at Israpundit, one example of the denial will suffice although I could provide further examples if required:
But it is the word “Srebrenica” that represents the most villainous use of this word “Massacre”. There, indeed, there was a ***real massacre, but it happened in the years before the Serbs retook Srebrenica, when thousands of the simplest and most innocent of rural Serbian folk were systematically liquidated, usually at night under cover of darkness, by the Islamofascists in that area. This was ignored by the Media and took place under the noses of the UN “peace” keeping taskforce.

Meanwhile, though, the truth about the Srebrenica Massacre that was pinned on the Serbs was that it did not happen, and not a shred of proof has been produced by Albright and co that it did happen.
Unsurprisingly every factual claim made in that passage is untrue. Evidence for the atrocity at Srebrenica includes:

Testimonies From Survivors.

The testimony of a man who miraculously survived the mass executions that followed the fall of Srebrenica was heard this week in tribunal’s biggest-ever case.Mevludin Oric is believed to be one of only 12 men to have escaped the July 1995 slaughter of 8,000 Muslim men and boys, carried out by Bosnian Serb forces soon after they overran the enclave.He said he had stayed alive only because he hid under a pile of dead bodies for hours before fleeing the execution site.
According to Israpundit, Oric must have made this up, and the people he accuses are actually heroes.

There Are Confessions By The Perpetrators.

These are even more damning than survivor testimonies, if you follow the Israpundit line then it must be difficult to explain why men like Momir Nikolic would confess to crimes they did not commit.

Some of the mass graves have been discovered.

No doubt there is a perfectly reasonable explanation why thousands of bodies or body parts have been found in the vicinity of Srebrenica.

The Serbian government admits it!

The Dutch Government Resigned Over Their Soldier's Failiure To Intervene.

Genocide deniers like those at Israpundit point to a Western conspiracy, but why would a government conspire to bring themselves down?

Some Of The Killings Were Captured On Film.

The video shows men wearing camouflaged uniforms executing a number of young men, two of which were identified this week by their families as missing after the fall of Srebrenica. Four appear to be minors, two in their Thirties.

The tape, which carries no visible time or date, begins with the alleged Serbian paramilitary unit members leading the six captives from a lorry through a wooded area to a place of execution, prodding them like cattle.

The Muslims walk calmly, with their hands tied, their eyes on the ground, looking subdued. The paramilitaries then tell their captives to stop, position them for execution and then shoot them point blank, killing four.

Serbian prime minister Vojislav Kostunica – for a long time staunch opponent of the tribunal – appeared on a press conference in Belgrade on June 2 together with the Hague chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte to announce the arrests, which came after the tape had been aired in Serbia.
Deniers of the Srebrenica massacre have somewhat less in the way of evidence. Indeed their primary source for there claims appears to be the website Emperors Clothes, and its sister site. Unsurprisingly this is not the only conspiracy those two websites peddle (it never is), the editor Jared Israel is also a keen 9/11 truther! Still the truthers look comparatively sane next to the Srebrenica liars at Emperors Clothes who claim, and I swear that I'm not making this up, that what really happened at Srebrenica was that the Muslim population was transported to places like Ireland and Australia by the Red Cross to make it look as if a massacre had occurred, in order for Nato to have a cause to attack Serbia.
It seems as though the Red Cross, the UNHCR, and a host of "western" governments around the world were engaged in hiding the fact that these men were not massacred.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sarajevo Markale Massacre, read this new information

Anonymous said...

Sorry, some parts of my link got hidded.

Just use this link:

Anonymous said...

Israpundit is just another revisionist propaganda,

you can read facts about Srebrenica Genocide here (please read it all):

Ross said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll read them tomorrow morning, I have seen your site before and thought it was extremely helpful.

Anonymous said...

According to Human Rights Watch, the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party then "launched an aggressive campaign to prove that Muslims had committed crimes against thousands of Serbs in the area" ; a campaign they observed "was intended to diminish the significance of the July 1995 crime."[55] In a July 6, 2005 press briefing, a spokesperson for the ICTY Office of the Prosecutor noted that the number of Serbs in the region that Serbian authorities claimed to have been killed increased from 1,400 to 3,500; a figure the ICTY stated "just does not reflect the reality."[56] To illustrate the inflation of casualty figures, this same press briefing listed several accounts from before the controversy of the time. They were:[56]

* The Republika Srpska's Commission for War Crimes, which placed the number of Serb victims in the municipalities of Bratunac, Srebrenica and Skelani at 995, of which 520 in Bratunac and 475 in Srebrenica.
* The book "The Chronicle of Our Graves" by Milivoje Ivanisevic (the president of the Belgrade Centre for Investigating Crimes Committed against the Serbs), in which he estimates the number of people killed to be around 1,200.
* A book published by the RS Ministry of Interior ("For the Honorable Cross and Golden Freedom") where the number of Serb victims for the Bratunac-Srebrenica-Skelani region is set at 641.

These claims have been disputed on two major counts. For one, the accuracy of the cited numbers is challenged. The ICTY noted, for example, that although Ivanisevic's book estimated around that 1,200 Serbs were killed, personal details were only available for 624 victims.[56] Secondly, the validity of labeling some of the casualties in question as "victims" is contested:[56] studies that have focused on the breakdown of Serb casualties between civilians and soldiers have found that the latter composed a significant majority.[57] This would be in line with the nature of the conflict in question: Serb casualties died in raids by Bosniak forces on outlying villages that were used as military outposts for attacks on Srebrenica[58] (many of which had a Bosniak majority prior to the war, but were ethnically cleansed in 1992).[59] A good example of the situation lies in the village of Kravica. Attacked by Bosniak forces on Orthodox Christmas day, January 7, 1993, Serb sources (such as the above-mentioned book by Milivoje Ivanisevic) claimed that the villages 353 inhabitants were "virtually completely destroyed".[56] In fact, the VRS' own internal records of the time indicated that only 46 Serbs had died in the Kravica attack: 35 soldiers and 11 civilians.[60] Despite this, the event is still frequently cited in Serbia as the key example of heinous crimes committed by Bosniak forces around Srebrenica.[55]

The latest figures regarding Serb casualties in the region come from the Sarajevo-based Research and Documentation Center, a non-partisan institution consisting of a multiethnic staff.[57] The RDC's extensive analysis of casualty data found that Serb casualties in the Bratunac municipality amounted to 119 civilians and 424 soldiers.[57] The investigation further established that of 383 Serb victims buried in the Bratunac military cemetery, 139 (or more than one third of the total) had fought and died in a different region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[57] Despite this, the buried at the military cemetery are presented as having been killed as the result of actions taken by ARBiH units from Srebrenica.[57]

According to Serb sources, casualties and losses during the period prior to the creation of the safe area gave rise to Serb demands for revenge against the Bosniaks based in Srebrenica. The ARBiH raids are thus presented as a key motivating factor for the genocide that occurred in July, 1995.[61] This view is echoed by various international sources, such as the 2002 report commissioned by the Dutch government on events leading to the fall of Srebrenica.[62] However, these sources often cite misleading figures for the number of Serb casualties in the region. The previously mentioned Dutch report, for instance, claims that the raid on Kravica resulted in the total annihilation of its populace; a claim that, as was mentioned above, has been shown to be false. Many consider that such insinuations about the motivations for the Srebrenica massacre are merely revisionist attempts to justify the genocide that ensued. To quote the report to the UN Secretary-General on the Fall of Srebrenica:[63]

Even though this accusation is often repeated by international sources, there is no credible evidence to support it… The Serbs repeatedly exaggerated the extent of the raids out of Srebrenica as a pretext for the prosecution of a central war aim: to create a geographically contiguous and ethnically pure territory along the Drina, while freeing their troops to fight in other parts of the country. The extent to which this pretext was accepted at face value by international actors and observers reflected the prism of 'moral equivalency' through which the conflict in Bosnia was viewed by too many for too long.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the Serbs did or didn't do, they are no threat to Western civilization. But these people are:,,91134-bosnia_p3705,00.html

5: PBS: Son of Al Qaeda-- A More Dangerous Assignment
"After undercover training by the CIA, Abdurahman says he was sent to Bosnia, a pipeline for Al Qaeda forces going to fight in Iraq":

When debate is "a sin" and automatically qualifies one as "a nutter", then all intelligent people should proudly wear that label. If "the facts" are so rock-solid, then what is everyone so afraid of when they are questioned?

Ross said...

Anon, both the stories you provide links for are about Islamist extremists operating in Bosnia many years after the war of the 1990s. They were not there before Milosevic and Karadic instigated the war. In other words their behaviour was in fact a danger to the West.

Although judging by Bosnian election results there is very little support for Islamist parties to be found amoung Bosnian muslims.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous failed to mention that thousands of Christian extremists and Christian terrorists were operating in Bosnia during the war. They came from traditional orthodox countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Greece, etc. During Genocide in Srebrenica, and more precisely, during shameful fall of Srebrenica - Gen. Ratko Mladic celebrated "victory" by raising Greek flag along with Christian Orthodox terrorists/extremists who came from Greece to kill hungry people of Srebrenica.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

Kosovo is gone.

Go ahead and sing a song,

You lost all wars in the Balkans.

And now you are losing heart of Serbia, which is 90% Albanian Kosovo.

Instead of spreading revisionist propaganda about "islamic extremists" in Bosnia, go ahead and save Kosovo. Or educate yourself what Christian extremists and terrorists from Orthodox countries did in Bosnia during the war.