Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The UN ICJ tribunal into Srebrenica have rather curiously cleared Serbia of responsibility for the crime. In theory the verdict that Serbian forces armed, supported and participated in some of the killings should be pretty damning, but no one would be a Srebrenica denier if they respected facts, so the likes of John Laughland are spinning as a vindication which it certainly is not. I was going to use this as another opportunity to criticise the buffoons at Israpundit (as someone who is sympathetic to Israel I find it embarrassing that they choose to identify with Israel), but is there really any point in responding to people, Ted Belman in this instance, who are so utterly ignorant they don't even know that Srebrenica is in Bosnia not Kosovo
.So the Court determined that the intent to destroy a substantial part of the group is required and for this purpose the “group” can be limited to a certain area. Thus the Court had to decide if Serbia intended to destroy Kosovo Muslims by killing part of the group at Srebrenica.

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