Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Left Wing Rebels & Right Wing Death Squads

Colombia's new Foreign Minister, Fernando Araujo, is a man whom until he escaped a couple of months ago had been held hostage for six years by the FARC terrorist group. His predecessor, Maria Consuelo Araujo, had to resign because members of her family had been arrested for contacts with rival terror groups. The BBC World Service report hawever reported that whilst Fernando Araujo had been kidnapped by left wing rebels, Maria Araujo had been linked to right wing death squads. The BBC's famous love of euphemisms when referring to terrorists as insurgents, rebels or militants apparantly has some limits. Why is it though that the one group whom the BBC does not wish to sugar coat is the one group who don't proclaim their loathing of the West?

It says something about what a good President Uribe is that he is willing to allow the investigation of his political allies in his determination to defeat all terrorism, rather stupidly a half witted US Senator by the name of Patrick Leahy was threatening to restrict American aid to Colombia because of the scandal, which sends out a message to all recipients of US donations- Cover up your scandals at any cost or you will be screwed.

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