Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blogger Savaged By Race Nut.

Continuing the race-a- palooza that seems to have become the theme of the week over here, I am proud to see that I have achieved fame at last! Lester Holloway writes on Black Information Link an article entitled "Doreen Lawrence savaged by Tory bloggers*:
Ross F compared Mrs Lawrence to an American mother campaigned against the Iraq war after losing her son, claiming: “Doreen Lawrence is the Cindy Sheehan of race baiters. Judging by some of her other comments it is clear that she has a rather fascistic mindset.”
Maybe there is in fact nothing fascistic about her criticisms of Boris Johnson:
"He felt that people should be entitled to say what they want. It sounds to me that what he believes is that because something is said and done in private it is acceptable, but clearly it can never be acceptable to hold those views.
If demanding people be prosecuted for their own homes and demanding that objectors to this policy be driven from public office isn't fascistic then what is?

* Inevitably there are some genuinely obnoxious comments that are thrown in to discredit the more reasonable objections to Doreen Lawrence. The accusation that her son was a drug dealer is a claim that appears to be entirely without merit and is being made to minimise the impact of his murder.

Update: Just been looking through some of Mr Holloway's previous output (he appears to be a professional race baiter) here are some of his own not in any way fasistic views:
Identity should never be boiled down to a question of individual choice. Politically, black people cannot afford the luxury of seeing an SDP-style breakaway by those of mixed-race.

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