Monday, August 13, 2007

Dead Horse Flogged.

They don't give up do they? The hordes of racial grievance mongers are still pretending that Boris Johnson's remarks were offensive this time in a group letter to the Grauniad signed by:
Karen Chouhan
The 1990 Trust
Eroll Walters
Black Londoners Forum
Simon Woolley
Operation Black Vote
Massoud Shahjareh
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Mohammad Sawalha
British Muslim Initiative
So why are they still flogging the horse long after it is dead and at the glue factory? As Phil Taylor has discovered, the first three signatories receive bribes grants from Ken Livingstone's office (paid for by taxpayers). The latter two are both deeply involved with extreme islamist politics, Sawalha has been described as a 'fugitive Hamas commander'.

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Elliott said...

I'd expect to see groups such as these supporting Ken. After all, he has fought for their interests. It's just like the unions supporting Labour.

Try to cheer up and think of it as a touching display of loyalty ...