Sunday, August 05, 2007

Humourless Leftwingers.

Someone at 'Comment is free' is unhappy. Ben Adler is upset because... well I'll let him explain it:
But the favouritism that they've historically shown the left is missing. It's not that liberal fans shouldn't see The Simpsons movie - it's still a very enjoyable experience. But don't expect to leave the theatre feeling that the film did something larger,
The evidence for the political leanings seems to depend on Adler taking mockery of liberal beliefs as gentle teasing whereas mocking of conservative beliefs is hard hitting and for real. Anyway at the risk of spoiling the film, apparently making fun of environmentalists is all wrong and shouldn't be done. Although as the second comment in the thread puts it:
The very fact that environmentalists think that no one should laugh at them is what makes laughing at them so easy and inevitable.
Quite, Adler comes across as the kind of person who would really enjoy the leaden humour of a Radio 4 panel game featuring Marcus Brigstock and Jeremy Hardy.

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