Friday, August 24, 2007

Unintended Consequences.

Islamophobia watch really is an indispensable site, albeit not for the reasons the authors intended to be. The accusations of 'islamophobia' are predictably absurd and question begging of course. However in order to expose 'Islamophobia' the site author links to some really good critiques of islamism and radical islam. In fact I would argue that it is like a British version of Little Green Footballs when it comes to exposing radical Islam. Some good links I've come across recently on Islamophobia Watch include:
There is a lot more to choose from because they don't seem to realise what they're doing yet, thank god. It's as if a radical feminist decided to create a blog condemning pornography on the internet, complete with pictures and links.

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pommygranate said...

good point about Islam Watch!