Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Real Victim.

Various left wing bloggers have been showing that they understand who the real victim in the Phillip Lawrence case is, Learco Chindamo the poor mite who was forced into stabbing him. Naturally they are furious at the attempt to deport the kid to Italy. Labour blogger Chris Paul writes:
That does not actually seem absurd to me. Rich men are getting away with murder every day on building sites, railway sidings and in factories. They don't even go to prison for one day most times over heinous industrial accidents. Premeditated profit over care for fellow human beings. Not to mention murder with cars and 2-year-bans from driving. Arguably far more culpable than the rage and foolishness of youths excluded from society.
Knifing someone = Foolishness!? Meanwhile another left wing blogger, Unity at Ministry of Truth fulminates against the real villain of the piece, the newspapers who are portraying Chindamo as some sort of killer. If I understand his argument correctly because Chindamo is likely to 'overact' in response to media interest in him it proves that the problem is that the media is likely to be interested in the outcome of a particularly notorious murder from the 1990s, rather than a murderer who is liable to lose his rag. Although happily experts have concluded that he is unlikely to reoffend, presumably in much the same way as Russian roulette is unlikely to damage your health.

One of the few pluses to emerge from all this is that the doctrine of supreme moral authority of grieving relatives appears to have been ditched by the left. Indeed Frances Lawrence appears to attract more ire than Chindamo:
Mrs Lawrence has become The Black Widow. She certainly sucked the likes of Iain Dale into her web of deceit.
The same blogger, with an interesting history, previously had a post 'Philip Lawrence/Learco Chindamo: What a waste of life all round', as though the two are remotely comparable.


DJ said...

I'm just impressed you managed to make it through one of Unity's posts - he's the living embodiment of P J O'Rourke's line that there are no quick excuses for socialism.

Call it a hunch, but did his post by any chance include 10 000 words on the legal definition of murder, with another 18 000 on what a knife is ?

As for the scumbag with the axe, well, it speaks for itself that the Left embraces it as a pin-up.

Laban said...

murderers must stick together, you know. After all, society is to blame.

Anonymous said...

Almost a bad as the original post was Chris Paul's little lovein with 'jailhouselawyer' in the comments, regarding the camera crew interview.

Good on you, lefties, let no one say crime doesn't pay - it gets you a channel 4 interview, so you can trash a widow on national TV...

Ross said...

"Almost a bad as the original post was Chris Paul's little lovein with 'jailhouselawyer' in the comments"

Yes but Chris Paul has the excuse of being a moron I suppose.