Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote Of The Day.

On Newsnight there was a debate between the founder of a new anti-Islamist Muslim group the Quilliam Foundation, whose name unfortunately escapes me, and the supporter of Hamas and founder of the Ken Livingstone supporters group "Muslims for Ken", Azzam Tamimi who denounced the new group for being at war with Muslims because they:
"Have something in common with the Israelis and the zionists"


alison said...

His name was Majid Nawaz. I was just on the Newsnight blog trying to get the name of the fab woman who is lobbing on lap dancing clubs and happened across his name!

Hope you are well. Daphne and I set up a blog - you are welcome to come take a look, we aren't publicizing it much. But i'd like to link to you.

Ross said...

I'll add a link.

I take it that the representative from the lap dancing chain who was claiming that he viewed at artistic expression didn't impress you then? :)

alison said...


Art my ass ;) And God didn't he look like a rainmac perv.

I dunno. I don't care about the clubs if they are subtle but when i walk down towards Old Street and there is a whopping great big 20 foot poster inviting you to Spearmint Rhino and a mum pushing her little girl along under it, i just think, take it easy on the entitlement front lads.

Cheers for the link too