Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bwahahahahahahaha.... Gloatfest 2008 Is Coaxed Out Of Retirement.

Have you ever worked really hard on something only to discover that when you are ready to present it things have moved on so much that it is no longer relevant?

Former Minister for Europe and serial fibber Denis MacShane has, judging by his 'Boris is a racist' article that has appeared two weeks after the election and 6 months after the racism smears were laughed out of court.
The writers, intellectuals, and community leaders who were invited to write for G2 were quite clear in their distaste in having a man like Boris Johnson, with his ugly nationalist and xenophobic views, put up by the Old Etonian clique who run the Tory party as mayor of London.

Have they now all changed their minds? Do they all now see Boris as a herbivore whose offensive language about those who are not English can be airbrushed away?

No Denis, but they probably heard the snorts of derision and realised that it was time to keep a low profile. Also most of them are smart enough to realise that telling brazen lies about your opponents after election day is counter productive, you see these "intellectuals and community leaders" are surprisingly clever.

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