Monday, May 19, 2008

Cabbage Theology

Many centuries ago their were a series of bitterly fought theological battles about the precise nature of Jesus and whether he was of the same divine substance as God or whether he was human.

In this secular age we have bitterly fought battles of the nature of cabbage and whether it is of the same garden substance as grass cuttings or whether it becomes something different when in enters a kitchen:

Retired milkman Barry Freezer made the mistake of dumping cabbage stalks in his bin and incurred the wrath of the council's waste collection supremos.

He says they treated him like a criminal and refused to collect his garden waste, claiming the cabbage trimmings were kitchen rubbish.

No doubt some trinitarian solution will be found in which a cabbage has three simultaneous natures as a garden product, food and a council waste collection supremo.


JuliaM said...

Perhaps if the Human-Animal Embryology thing really gets underway, they could find a way to splice human DNA into a typical council recycling worker..?

David Duff said...

Research shows (dread words!) that the "nature of cabbage" is indistinguishable from the nature of Council Managers and both are considered to be waste products.