Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why The BNP Is On The Rise.

I might as well make this "Kick Denis MacShane" day, everyday should be. MacShane's Conservative opponent at the last election, Lee Rotherham*, discusses an article in the Independent about the rise of the BNP in Rotherham:

Since they quote the local Labour MP (Denis MacShane) in depth - whom I fought during the last election - I'll allow myself a counter turn.

While quite fairly noting factors such as immigration, the rejection of taboo, and a perception of 'unfair play', they might also do well to consider the basics of local politics.

If you have streets where the Labour vote is weighed rather than counted, but where noone has seen a Labour politician bothering to campaign in twenty years...

If you have the self same MP expending his past effort chastising the Conservatives for 'allowing' the BNP to get a hold, despite the vote coming from his own historic supporters...

If local Labour councillors turn to blanking the lead BNP candidates rather than exposing the false veil of human decency behind their party bosses...

...Then why are we surprised that in a handful of areas some individuals on first name terms with the voter should be elected to look after the bins?

Not a huge surprise no.

* Yes that's right, Lee Rotherham was a candidate for Rotherham, you'd think with a name like that the voters would feel obliged to elect him, but no

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