Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Own Goal In The Class War.

As is now quite well known Labour a resorting to some very ugly class war rhetoric in the Crewe and Nantwich by election. One of the things they've decided to highlight is the fact that the Conservative candidate is driving around in a Bentley.

As a Labour PPC, Lucy Powell writes on the Guardian politics blog:
The view, in Crewe at least, seems to be that local people want a local champion, someone who will stand up for them in parliament, who is in touch with their concerns and will deliver for them. In this Labour town, they're not convinced that the Tory candidate will do this. (Driving around campaigning in Bentleys isn't helping, although the only Tory campaigner I saw was in a classic MG).
Aside from the fact that Labour's 'local champion' is from Wales and her only connection with the constituency is that her mother previously held the seat, the Bentley swipe is spectacularly ill judged as the subsequent comments make clear:
Are you sure you were in Crewe, the home of Bentley Motors? Bentley, and its local suppliers, are a major employer in the town

Funniest post I've read for days.

"driving around campaigning in Bentleys isn't helping"

You think?

Company Profile

Bentley Motors Ltd

Company Address Pyms Lane,
As well as:
Err, I am a Crewe voter and I do so happen to be employed at the Pyms Lane Bentley factory.
Incompetent as well as nasty.


JuliaM said...

This is the kind of rookie mistake that should have any half-way decent speechwriter gnawing his own arm off...

They really are going to lose this one entirely through their own incompetence, aren't they?

Lil Jimmy said...

Nice car, a Bentley.