Saturday, May 03, 2008

Embitterment Watch.

It seems hard to believe but some of those on the left don't take defeat very well as both Julia (at her new blog) and Mark have spotted.

I'll add this bloke over at Liberal Conspiracy to the list he writes:
So, it’s the weekend after the week before, and an alliance of gameshow fans, 4×4 drivers, suburban curtain-twitchers, BNP second-preferences, Labourphobes and the thoroughly fed-up, mostly from places that don’t even count as London, have foisted a Thatcherite mayor on our generally left-leaning city.
I am particularly enjoying the Kenite resentment towards London's more suburban boroughs who had the temerity to vote against the newt, which has been quite noticeable in the last week or so. What makes it rich is that up until they realised that the suburbs weren't going to back Livingstone, it was taken as axiomatic that Margaret Thatcher was terrible for abolishing the GLC and giving power to the boroughs and if anything the boroughs should be abolished and powers concentrated in the mayor.

Oh and incidentally why all the reference to Boris's appearances on 'Have I Got News For You'? Livingstone appeared on there several times during the 1990s, even if his stints were less memorable than Boris's.

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