Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biker Gangs & Crime.

The conviction of members of a biker gang "the Outlaws" over the murder of Hell's Angel Gerry Tobin is hard to understand. Are British motorbike gangs linked with organised crime as they are in some countries? I've never heard of British bikers being involved in that kind of thing and I had always assumed that they were just blokes who were into motorbikes. Yet it is hard to understand how a group of middle aged motor bike enthusiasts could decide to respond to a disagreement with another group of other enthusiasts by deciding to murder a random member of that group.


Laban said...

The bike gang scene is different to the 'biker' scene, which is again very different from the fortysomething-buys-a-cbr600 weekend biker.

When I lived in Bradford way back a local pub was the hangout of a bunch called Satan's Slaves, who were involved in a shootout with Hells Angels in Berkshire that killed two. The Windsor Hells Angels used to have their own territory at the Stonehenge Festival where they sold things people wanted to buy. Even in leafy Gloucestershire the Wolves Outlaws have an HQ in Cheltenham. There are chapters in Brum or Kiddy too I believe.

Hells Angels (I think) run the Bulldog Bash, biggest bikefest in the UK, which must be a nice little earner.

Soapy Sam said...

Yes Laban, H A run the bulldog bash and have since, ooohh about 1987ish. Went there that year to see a local band play support.

Went again in the 90's with a drinking buddy of mine at the time.He was an ex member of a local bike gang, nice bloke to have a drink with, good laugh and occaisionally came out with stories to make your hair curl!

The HA make a lot of money from that show. Seen the lorries loaded with beer being unloaded at the back of the bar. All slabs of cans.We took our own drink but had to smuggle it in through the gates, caught with it could be problematic.

The Outlaws were set up as an amalgamation of smaller bike gangs to help bolster them against the power of the HA. safety in numbers.

Yes Laban, as you say the real money comes from "selling things people want to buy". This applies to all the bike gangs though.

Think about it though Laban, a festival with lots of cash changing hands must provide the perfect opportunity to do a bit of "washing"?

Its all just another part of the criminal mosaic of britain.