Monday, November 03, 2008

Not As Good As It Used To Be.

This blog's new wikio ranking is 118, down from 74 last month. Damn you fickle readers!


JuliaM said...

How does it do its 'count'?

If it's from referring blogs, or something arcane like that, I probably shouldn't have you bookmarked and come straight here... ;)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Commiserations and everything, but ... er ... wow! I'm up to 44!

Ross said...

"How does it do its 'count'? "

I think it works on incoming links that aren't from blogrolls.

"Commiserations and everything, but ... er ... wow! I'm up to 44!"

Last month I may have inadvertantly given the impression that the ranking was very important and a valuable tool for judging a blog, I now realise that it is in fact completely meaningless and ....... {sour grapes continue for several more pages}