Saturday, November 29, 2008

Put A Tiger In A Tank.

A post by Laban Tall on British politicians of all parties happily attending a Tamil Tigers shindig in London is a reminder of just how lax we ( or our political class) are about terrorists.

This isn't new, Britain used to be a safe haven for Islamist groups before the World Trade Center attacks and even now the government is quite keen on engaging with British Muslims through 'moderate' Islamic groups, which invariably turn out to only be moderate in comparison to Mullah Omar . We are quite ecumenical in which terrorist groups we tolerate, from the Sub-Continent alone we allow our politicians to:
  • Attend meetings set up by supporters of the Tamil Tigers.
  • Grant visas to members of a Hindu extremist organisation that is alleged to be behind a recent anti Christian pogrom in Orissa that left dozens dead.
  • Employ supporters of the Sikh separatist group that blew up an Air India flight in 1985 killing over 300 people (including 112 children).

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James Higham said...

We don't allow them. They just go off and do it.