Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Join The Herd Of Free Thinkers!

Senator McCain is clearly the best candidate to any genuine conservative and come to that any serious minded moderate, with a track record of integrity and competence going back decades which stands in comparison to his opponent's wafer thin resume and extreme political stances when not running for election.

However as a bandwagon jumper it is important to endorse the candidate who is likely to win not the one who is likely to govern best, because otherwise you're like totally out of touch with the zeitgeist. However such naked opportunism is unseemly so ought to be clothed with a fig leaf of intellectual respectability. This can be done easily enough by agonising over trivial or even imaginary failings of the likely losing candidate whilst ignoring the actual failings of the likely victor.

Therefore I am endorsing Barack Obama. Although John McCain is closer to my position on Taxes, regulation, foreign policy, defence, judges, trade and every major issue I can think of I just feel I can't bring myself to vote for a candidate who [insert bullshit here]. Also frankly I've been shocked at how dirty McCain's campaign has been, shortly after the Obama campaign sent out an email accusing his running mate of being a Nazi, John McCain plumbed depths previously unimagined by suggesting that it was possible that Senator Obama's economic plan wasn't very good.

Hooray, I am now free to join the herd of free thinking "Obamacons".


Mark Wadsworth said...

I can't bring myself to vote for a candidate who ...

Who does what, exactly?

Ross said...

Oh I'll edit that, I actually wrote "insert some crap here" but I must have writing it in the HTML mode and used HTML brackets so it didn't show up in the actual post.