Thursday, January 07, 2010

Incompetent Machiavellians.

I figured that there was no point in blogging about the Hoon-Hewitt coup attampt on the grounds that if there is one thing that Labour have demonstrated since 2007 is that they are incapable of knifing the man driving the bus over a cliff. There have been so many missed opportunities to eject him at a good time that it seems unlikely that they would finally do it months before an election.

If all the senior Labour figures who know Brown is useless- Clarke, Hoon, Hewitt, Milburn, Purnell, D Miliband, Field, Byers, Hutton & Flint among others- had acted in concert either to challenge Brown in 2007 or to oust him at the 2008 conference they could have stopped him. Instead they come out one at a time and do enough to wound him but not deliver the fatal blow.

It seems I was right to ignore it.

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