Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Poll: Should We Invade Iceland?

Now that the Iceland looks like welshing on their debts to the UK (including the Welsh oddly enough), the Netherlands and Kerry Katona clearly we need to respond. Obviously preventing them from joining the EU isn't much of a punishment so the only solution that I can see is that we invade those cod munching bastards and reclaim that which is rightfully ours.

Anyway there is a poll in the sidebar on the subject of whether we should teach them a lesson.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Woah! Neither Iceland (the country) nor Iceland's banking system, let alone the Scouser off the telly owe me a penny, I have no prob's there.

If all the people stupid enough to deposit money with Icelandic banks want to club together to buy some warships and demand reparations, then good luck to them (you don't get much change out of £2.3 bn these days).

The flow of money is as follows:

UK taxpayer -> UK govt -> stupid people -> Icelandic banks -> shareholders in Hamleys, Iceland plc (and so on).

Ross said...

Yeah but it isn't the people who deposited money who have been shortchanged, thanks to the UK government's bail out of those savers.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ross, sure, but if declarations of war follow the money, the 99% of people in the UK who didn't put money in an Icelandic bank ought to declare war on the UK government.

banned said...

Invade, conquer, send the population off to Araby as indentured labourers until they have repaid every penny.

Ross said...

Banned- unfortunately our warmongering ways place us in a minority,

Physiocrat said...

Yes, I have evidence they are plotting with IRAN and the IRA to put nukes on their island and point them all at us. Don't forget they are of Irish descent and not to be trusted.

Invasion Iceland now. Regime change. Deal with them before they take us out. Threat to world peace. Save the whales.

Those volcanoes are causing global warning and need to be filled up with concrete. How are we going to do that it we don't kick some arse.

Ross said...

You raise good point, with their assault on whales and CO2 emissions it would be a crime against Gaia not to invade.