Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Still Not Here.

Computer still not sorted, so in the meantime I'll just quote from this story that appears to be far more salcious than it actually turns out to be when you read to the end:

As one of Britain's favourite kitchen goddesses, Delia Smith is better known for dishing up failsafe recipes than for risque secrets.

But the BBC stalwart revealed another side to her character today, when she told how she used to be reprimanded for flashing at restaurant customers.

The former swimwear model worked as a waitress in London in the 1960s, when mini-skirts were all the rage.

And her method for opening wine bottles shocked her bosses at the Singing Chef restaurant in Paddington, where she started her food career.

Yeah they use that method of bottle opening in several Bangkok bars today I believe.

Update: I should add that whilst I think that they are trying to make it sound more scandalous than it is, it's possible that I'm simply a vile pervert.

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asquith said...

Never joined in this attraction to female chefs business, apart from Ching He-Huang (obviously!). I remember thinking that the obvious if generally unmentioned drawback to Nigella is that you'd be marrying into a family of people who are essentially glorified right-wing trolls. I'd rather not.